Dudes Mswabuki


Mduduzi has been an elder since 2018.  Dudes leads a Fellowship group, teaches the Bible occasionally on Sundays and loves showing hospitality. Dudes also takes particular responsibility for practical matters like the church finances.

Dudes has been member at Elmstead since 2013, along with his wife Wendy and five children. Hailing from Zimbabwe, he works in the city for a leading professional services firm. He is officially the coolest guy in church. With a name like Dudes, no wonder.

  • Andy Spreckley


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  • Hazel Buckland


    As Church Secretary Hazel is responsible for managing the church calendar and many of the arrangements around it.

  • Le Fras Strydom


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  • Mark Griffin


    Mark leads a Fellowship Group and oversees Coffee Cup. Mark particularly leads in hospitality and practical care.

  • Ollie Land


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  • Wendy Matonsi


    As Treasurer, Wendy manages our finances.