Our Elders

What are Elders?

The Bible teaches that every church community should be led by Elders.

Some churches have different titles for these leaders but their jobs should be the same.

Elders are men that have been given the responsibility of overseeing, caring, guiding and nurturing the church and its people, as they teach God’s word.

  • Ollie Land


    Ollie is our full-time pastor. He joined the church in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic! The church family supports him and his family financially to enable him to study God’s Word and to teach it to us week by week.

    He is our main preacher and teacher. He leads a Fellowship Group, the Men’s work and gets involved in most areas of our life together.

    Ollie is married to Rachel, they have four children and a wire fox terrier. He enjoys rugby and cricket and watching what he considers to be the best of 80s movies – the best being Karate Kid!

    Ollie has a particular passion for helping men to see God’s purpose for them and how to live that out in the different relationships and responsibilities they have.

  • Dudes Mswabuki


    Mduduzi has been an elder since 2018.  Dudes leads a Fellowship group, teaches the Bible occasionally on Sundays and loves showing hospitality. Dudes also takes particular responsibility for practical matters like the church finances.

    Dudes has been member at Elmstead since 2013, along with his wife Wendy and five children. Hailing from Zimbabwe, he works in the city for a leading professional services firm. He is officially the coolest guy in church. With a name like Dudes, no wonder.

  • Mark Griffin


    Mark leads a Fellowship Group and oversees Coffee Cup. Mark particularly leads in hospitality and practical care.

    After many years working as a butcher and then a window cleaner Mark may seem to have taken semi-retirement, but is now busier than ever.

    He has been at Elmstead for most of his Christian life. He met his wife Debbie there. They are care workers supporting a couple of adults with learning difficulties. Mark enjoys cooking, reading and a good action thriller.

  • Le Fras Strydom


    Le Fras has been an elder since 2016. He leads a Fellowship group, teaches occasionally on Sundays and takes an active lead in evangelism.

    Le Fras has been working in London since 2004. He leads The Word One to One – a Christian organisation equipping Christians to share God’s Word with the people around them.

    He thanks God for his miracle working wife Suzanne and his three children. He does NOT support England at any sport which his beloved South Africa plays but has learnt to enjoy a cup of tea.

    He loves opening the Bible with anyone willing to listen to what Jesus has to say.

Our Deacons

what are deacons?

Deacons are another role that is defined in the Bible. They are responsible for the practical care and running of the church.

  • Andy Spreckley


    Andy serves in various areas including maintaining the garden, practical jobs around the church building and the manse (the pastor’s house).

  • Wendy Matonsi


    As Treasurer, Wendy manages our finances.

  • Hazel Buckland


    As Church Secretary Hazel is responsible for managing the church calendar and many of the arrangements around it.

children & youth leaders

We have a great team of people who teach our children in age appropriate groups each week in Sunday Buzz.

Please talk to our welcome team when you arrive, to find out how your children can get involved.


Joseph and Manisha serve the youth along with a few other volunteers. Talk to them about Friday youth club which runs every fortnight.