Who are we

The People

Elmstead is a friendly, welcoming, Bible-belieiving church on the borders of Chislehurst and Mottingham, where people can discover the Christian faith and grow to spiritual maturity. Our aim is to bring glory to God by knowing Jesus Christ and making him known. To this end we try, in all our activities, to explain the Bible clearly, so that people can understand and respond to its message. We welcome everyone, of every age and stage of life, to our Sunday services and to any appropriate activities during the week.

The Leaders

The church is led by a Pastor and two Elders. Click here to find out more about them…

The Deacons

A group of people have been appointed to look after peoples’ needs, look after the finances and the church’s facilities.

The Purpose

One of Jesus Christ’s personally-appointed representatives said this about the mission of himself and his team:

 “We do not preach ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord,

and ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake.”

We aim to follow that example.  Our aim is to seek and help sincere people to become true disciples of Jesus Christ.  This is the task he has left his church to do.