The government has announced that Covid restrictions will be eased from the 27th January. 
This means that as of Sunday, 30th January you will no longer be asked to wear a mask within the church building.  You are, of course, free to continue to wear a mask if you would like to, and we will continue to make the red lanyards and signs available for those who would prefer to maintain social distancing.
When we meet, we now have the following in place:


One way of minimising the spread of the virus is by ensuring adequate ventilation when indoors.  However, we also need to be mindful that when rooms become too cold that can also lead to people becoming unwell.
At this time of year it can be too cold in the main meeting area with all the outside doors open.  So, we will leave all internal doors open, open some of the windows, and have both extractor fans running throughout, but we will close the external doors.  We believe this will provide a suitable amount of ventilation to disperse any bugs that may be floating around.

Social Distancing

The government has not required the re-introduction of social distancing and so people are free to interact as normal.  We have red lanyards and seat signs available for people who wish to signal that they would like to keep socially distanced.  We have also put out more chairs in the main hall so people can spread out more if they wish to.

Covid Passports

Places of worship will be exempt from requiring people to provide proof of vaccination or a negative lateral flow test.  Depending on your situation, or if you have any cold-like symptoms, or people in your house do, then we would encourage you to do a lateral flow before attending church.  If you are waiting for the results of a Covid test, or you live with someone who has tested positive, then we would ask you to stay at home for the required isolation period.


As usual, we would ask you to sanitise your hands on arrival, and sanitiser will be available throughout the building.
We regard the  sharing of communion as important and so we will go ahead with this as planned.  As normal, we will have individual cups and we will cut up bread beforehand so you only need to handle the piece you will eat.  These will be prepared beforehand by someone who is wearing a mask and has washed/sanitised their hands.  They will be brought round by servers who will santise their hands before handling the plates/trays.


We discontinued our live Zoom feed at the end of November 2021.
We hope that, with the above measures in place, the majority of people should be able to attend our meetings (although we understand individual situations may mean some people can’t) and will not be put off from doing so by the need to wear a mask.  We understand this is not ideal, and has a real impact on our interactions, but how much more impact would our complete absence have?
For those who are genuinely unable to attend the morning meeting, sermons will continue to be available through the website and YouTube (or on CD/DVD for those who request one).
For detailed risk assessments: