Leadership Team

PASTOR: Ollie Land

After Uni Ollie spent 13 years doing various jobs including being an Operations Manager, working in sales and even being a cocktail bar manager (!) before becoming the Pastor of Rochester Baptist Church (in Medway, Kent).  In September 2020 Ollie moved to be the Pastor of EBC.

Ollie enjoys rugby and cricket although he doesn’t get much chance to play as his time off is spent with his wife Rachel, their four children, and their wire fox terrier! He also likes to watch what he considers to be the best of 80s movies (the best being Karate Kid!). Most of all, Ollie loves to sit down with believers and non-believers, to look at the Bible together, and help them learn more about Jesus. He has a particular passion for helping men to see God’s purpose for them and how to live that out in the different relationships and responsibilities they have.

ELDER: Mark Griffin

After many years working in the City, Mark may seem to have taken semi-retirement, but is busier than ever. He has been at ‘Elmstead’ for most of his Christian life. He met his wife Debbie there. They are both key members in the church, as well as being care workers. Mark enjoys cooking, reading and a good action thriller.

ELDER: Le Fras Strydom

Le Fras has been working in London since 2004, and a member at Elmstead since 2014. He has a young family and thanks God for his miracle working wife Suzanne. He does NOT support England at any sport which his beloved South Africa plays but has learnt to enjoy a cup of tea. He loves opening the Bible with anyone willing to listen to what Jesus has to say.

ELDER: Dudes Mswabuki

Dudes has been member at Elmstead since 2013, along with his wife Wendy and two teenage children. Hailing from Zimbabwe, he works in the city for a leading professional services firm. He is officially the coolest guy in church. With a name like Dudes, no wonder.