Welcome to Elmstead Baptist Church

Hello and welcome to Elmstead Baptist Church (EBC)

EBC is made up of all sorts of different people, from all sorts of different backgrounds, but who have become one big family through our shared faith in Jesus Christ.

We believe all that the Bible claims about Jesus – that he is a life saving, life changing, history altering, eternity defining person. God Himself who entered history to  save us.

These are amazing claims and whether you are curious about who Jesus is, or you are someone who has recently moved into the area and are looking for a church to be part of, we hope this website helps you to find out more.

At EBC we are not perfect people – and you don’t need to be to come along. We are a group of imperfect people who want to know Jesus better, become more like Him, and share the good news about Him with more and more people.

We’d love it if you could join us as we aim to know Jesus as Saviour and Lord and help others to know Him too.

Join us on Sundays

Our regular meetings are on Sundays mornings from 10:30am.

We meet in person in our building on the corner of Elmstead Lane and Walden Avenue. Please click here to see how we are making sure our services are safe.

If you can’t physically make it to church you can catch up by listening to the audio recordings of our sermons, or by following us on Youtube.


Find out more

Listen to what we teach from the Bible

Watch this brief summary of  what is at the heart of the Christian faith


Contact us

Call Ollie Land (Pastor/Minister of the Church) 07947 977201

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